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Koldkraft Refrigeration is a subsidiary of KoldKraft Group with the sole purpose of specialising in the field of Refrigeration in Pakistan. Engineering with a vast range of product line to serve customers according to their requirements. Koldkraft Refrigeration specialize in the Engineering, Designing, Manufacturing, Installation, Service of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration systems. Koldkraft Refrigeration has been the trend setter in Refrigeration industry. We maintain our position as a market leader by constantly investing in latest technologies to deliver superior product to client providing services for Dairy, Fruit, Vegetable, Fish, Ice Cream, Meat, Pharmaceutical and Food processing.
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Koldkraft Pvt Ltd is working and accomplishing the requirements of our customers for the past 30 years. Due to ever changing environment and our plans for further Business Development we decided to establish KOLDKRAFT REFRIGERATION (PVT LTD), to further improve and enhance our illustrious past in the dynamic leadership of Syed Tariq Siraj Jafri.